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Legacy/Retirement Income Planning

As retirement approaches, concerns shift from saving for retirement to converting assets into a steady stream of guaranteed lifetime income.*

Specializes include offering products and services such as a fixed index annuity designed to protect your money from market decline while providing an income you CANNOT OUTLIVE during your retirement.

We are committed to helping you live a life defined by dignity, independence and choice. While creating a lasting legacy.

May We All Live Long and Live Well!

*An annuity is a contract between a contract owner and an insurance company and is designed to meet long-term needs for retirement income.  Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.  

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Women and Money

You speak the language of a successful woman.

Does your financial professional read you loud and clear?

No matter what stage of life you are in you have the power to turn your unique challenges into opportunities.

Don't be a wimp. Be a WIMP           

a Woman Interested in Money and Power!

Make Plans to Join the Conversation

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Business Planning

If you're self-employed or own a small business and you haven't established a retirement savings plan, what are you waiting for?

A retirement plan can help you and your employees save for the future.

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GHG Financial Planning offering Full Service Insurance, Investment and Financial Planning Services

Let us handle your financial planning details. We’ll help manage your affairs so your retirement years are defined with dignity, Independence and choice.

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Our advisors are dedicated to achieving your financial goals

GHG Financial Planning offers comprehensive solutions through a spectrum of financial services. From growing your wealth to planning for your family’s future, GHG Financial Planning is one of Southfield's preeminent investment advisor representatives.

Whether you are a veteran of success or are just starting to manage your portfolio, GHG Financial Planning can help you achieve your goals and surpass them in time.

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We Offer Personalized Plans to Match Your Needs

One-size fits all policies are best left to vacation bike helmets. At GHG Financial Planning, we specialize in tailoring our plans to not only fit your current situation, but also provide a foundation for future growth. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we endeavor to take you to the next level.

Individuals & Families

Whether you’re a young professional college graduate launching a new career or a seasoned professional concerned about retirement income planning or legacy goals, GHG Financial Planning customizes your financial plan to fit your current needs and future goals.

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Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance can serve as a powerful compliment to your financial planning goals and strategies!

Whether you are concerned about providing protection for your family, funding for college education, or concerned about business succession planning or retirement and legacy goals, life insurance provides protection, flexibility and tax advantages.

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