Happily, Retired and Socially Active...

Happily, Retired and Socially Active...

June 18, 2020

As a Retirement Income Certified Planner most of my clients are happily retired, or actively pondering their retirement lifestyle. Their pre and post retirement lifestyle in a nutshell.

Common lifestyle traits

1. Enjoy a reasonable measure of financial independence

2. Civic and community minded

3. Socially active

4. Legacy matters

5. Simply put, they enjoy LIFE….

Am I describing you?

If so, make plans to join conversation where we will discuss both the changes and the opportunities brought about through the SECURE Act.

This month I am pleased to be joined by my special guest Attorney Shonna Hawkins, Managing Partner at De Yampert & Hawkins in Southfield, Michigan. Her practice focuses on estate planning, wills and trust administration, and conservatorship.

Shonna and I look forward to you joining the conversation!

June 23rd @ 11:30 AM CST https://www.ghgfinancialplanning.com/events/retire-happy-securing-your-retirement-legacy

June 25th @ 4:30 PM CST https://www.ghgfinancialplanning.com/events/retire-happy-securing-your-retirement-legacy-1

Financially Yours!